Friday, 3 February 2012

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin C Radiance Powder

I recently got The Body Shop Vitamin C Radiance Powder as I had heard some colleagues talk about it, some good some bad, and I thought I had better try it myself as customers will be asking me about it.

You receive it in a small box, with a bottle of liquid that has a white cap on it, and an orange dropper looking top separate. The instructions say to press down on the button on the white top and it will release the powder into the liquid. All I can say is PRESS HARD - you'll feel like you're going to break the bottle. A white powder gets released into the liquid and then you shake it up to mix it together. Then replace the white top with the orange one, and you're ready to go!

Apply a generous amount morning and night after cleansing and before moisturising/sunscreen for 10 days. I mean GENEROUS as it's got active ingredients after 10 days the serum is basically useless as the ingredients go off.

I found that this product has a pleasant vitamin C smell, and it is quite runny to apply. However it sinks in quite well and did not leave my dry/normal/sensitive skin red or oily - I have heard from other colleagues that it may make your skin oily for the period of use, and others say they broke out - my skin loved it! I have finished my 10 day treatment and I've gotta say - I love this treatment! It has definitely made my skin alot less dull, and much nicer to look at sans makeup. I did not break out, or get oily skin, just wonderful brighter looking skin!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a bit more oomph in their skin, without a massive pricetag. I'd say it would be good to do this treatment every 6 months to maintain the skin :)

The Body Shop Vitamin C Radiance Powder is available from The Body Shop stores, online, or from your Body Shop At Home consultant and retails for $44.95

Disclaimer: Although I have connections to the Body Shop, opinions are entirely my own and this product was purchased by me with my own money.


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