Saturday, 18 August 2012

DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask

I've said it many times, my hair is a bitch, basically. Dry dry dry, and rarely shiny.


The lovely Sabine from Echolife suggested to me one day that a coconut oil hair mask may be just what my hair needs. And she was right!

Yes, really, the stuff you cook with. Organic, extra virgin is best.

What do you do with it?

Throw a hair towel or similar in the dryer or in front of the heater to warm up.
Ensure your hair is completely dry, and I've found no problems with my hair being a little oily, just make sure there's no product in it.
If it's cooler where you live, you might need to microwave the coconut oil a little to soften it up - I typically do 2x30seconds on high. No biggie if it melts completely, just make sure it's not hot!
Apply it all over your hair - I start at the front of my head and work around, and then in.
When your hair is completely greased up, apply the warm towel and wrap your hair.
Leave it for about an hour, or overnight if you like.

Now, this is the bit where YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION!
Jump in the shower, but DO NOT wet your hair.
Get some shampoo in your hand and mix a little water to lather it, then apply it to your hair. Repeat until your whole head is covered in shampoo lather. THEN you can wet your hair. If you don't do this, well, you'll be spending a LONG time washing it out.
I typically shampoo two or three times then condition, to ensure all the oil is out of my hair.
Enjoy your soft, shiny hair!

A few things to note:
Yes, your hair will smell like a biscuit. A delicious biscuit. It doesn't linger after washing though, never fear.
Be careful when applying in the bathroom. Clumps of coconut oil may fall out of your hands or the jar and onto the floor or sink, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WASH IT DOWN THE DRAIN. Why? Remember science, oil and water don't mix. You may think you cleaned it, but then you will spill eyeshadow in the sink and see it stick to it and then have to Jif it out (yes, true story).

I found my coconut oil at the health food shop in town for approx $14, but I hear some supermarkets sell it as well.


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