Tuesday, 11 September 2012

LUSH Henna - Caca Brun

As you may know, I have ventured into the world of at-home hair dye. My beautiful BFF is a hairdresser and will come to my house, but basically, I'm trying to save money. Sabine from Echolife (yes, I know, I mention her all the time ha ha!) suggested Lush henna, as it is much kinder to your hair than chemical dyes, so while I was in Canberra a few months ago I picked up a block of the Caca Brun. Lush henna comes in four shades - brown, red, maroon and black. I chose basic brown as I wasn't sure how red the reds would go, and just wanted to dip my toes in!

Henna, for those who don't know, is a natural dye, not just for hair. Find out more here, but the idea is that once it grabs hold of your hair, that's it, it won't come out (not even with bleach), so it's a pretty big step. I hear hair dressers can strip it out, but that's a pretty drastic move! The best thing about Lush henna is that it contains a lot of cocoa butter, which will moisturise your hair while you dye.

Brand image

I followed the instructions given to me in store - basically I needed three "bricks" of henna, soak overnight in boiling water, then heat it over a saucepan until it melts and becomes a double-cream consistency.

Yeah, it looks pretty gross, I know.

While it's warm (bearably hot) you apply it to your hair. I got Mum to help me, and we did it outside. As it dries bits do fall off your hair (dye, not your actual hair) so it's a good idea to apply outside and wrap your hair in a turban or glad wrap. I started underneath my hair and worked my way to the top. You will need to use a hair dye brush for this.

Then, the waiting game begins. Lush say you can leave it on anywhere between 1-6 hours. I did 2 hours, and I was pretty pleased. If you are trying to go quite dark or do a drastic change I would say you need to leave it on longer, but ask the team instore as they are really helpful!

Then it's time to wash it out. I'd suggest if you are attached to your shower, then do a first rinse in the laundry tub. It's pretty gross - a murky green colour, and it gets EVERYWHERE. I ended up with it all over the shower walls. Rinse for a long time, shampoo twice, then condition. Caca brun contains ground coffee, so you will find coffee all through your shower. Never fear, all the henna does wash away, it won't stain your shower.

Once it's dry, admire the softness of your hair. And shine! I have received many compliments on how healthy my hair looks, and how soft it is. I am very impressed. Also, something to mention, the henna colour does darken a little after a few days, so if you are disappointed in the colour leave it a week before making the decision to colour again :) I apologise for the following photos, they were taken on an extremely windy day.

You can find LUSH Henna from LUSH stores, or online for $24.50 for 6 bricks.


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