Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Beauty Confessions

This has been doing the rounds lately and I figured I'd get in on the act. Beauty confessions - rules we break, or can't break...

  • I often leave the house without makeup. SHOCK! HORROR! I just feel that sometimes I don't need it, so why do it?
  • I am an anti-hoarder. If I see too many products lying around I'll force myself into a P10P to get rid of stuff. And trust me, my idea of "too much" is not nearly enough. I have been known to use a face scrub as a body exfoliator to use it up.
  • I have been known to go 6 months without a haircut. This is due to lazyness and being a tightarse.
  • In winter I forgo 5-weekly waxing appointments for the same reason as above
  • Only 1 person may shape my brows. I don't know what I'll do if she ever gets pregnant.
  • I pick at nailpolish ALL THE TIME. I can't help myself.
  • I also peel my nails.
  • I can't stand having more than 1 type of foundation. I currently have 5 (FIVE!) on the go and it's stressing me out (anti-hoarder)
  • I don't own anything from MAC (SHOCK! HORROR!) and since I found out they still test on animals, it'll stay that way.
  • I can't leave the house without washing my face & moisturising.
  • Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth untill 3pm - this happens when I don't follow my regular morning routine.
  • I often sleep with wet hair
So, tell me... what are your beauty confessions?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Review: John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

The latest craze to hit the home hair colour scene is foaming hair colour. The reason for this is it's designed to be easier to apply for those who choose to do their own at-home colour, as opposed to getting a friend or family member to help.

I'd read some positive reviews of the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour and, as I'm trying to reduce my spending, thought I'd give it a go rather than getting BFF to do my hair professionally. And as luck would have it, it was also 25% off at Priceline. WIN!

Choosing a colour was hard for me, but after consulting the John Frieda website, I settled on 4N Dark Natural Brown. All I try to do it boost my natural colour, not change it.

As with most kits, the box comes with developer, colour, conditioner, gloves and instructions, as well as a foaming cap for the developer bottle. You are instructed to add the colour to the developer, then turn the developer upside down once, and tilt it side-to-side 5 times. That's it!

You need to use it straight away as of course it continues to develop in the bottle. You squeeze the bottle and the solution foams out into your hand. I covered my part first, then rough sections all over my head. The instructions say to saturate your hair with the foam, and I still had a little left.

After 20 minutes you wash it out, and ta-da! Gorgeous colour. Now I didn't do before and after shots because honestly, there wasn't any point. I just covered my roots and boosted my natural colour, so there's not much difference. However I can see the difference in colour, and I'm definitely impressed!

I'll be buying a few backups of this and doing it at home from now on, it was so easy to do! 

You can purchase John Frieda Precision Foam Colour from supermarkets and Priceline, for $22.99 (if you're quick, Priceline currently have it on sale for $16.99!)

Animal testing stance: John Frieda do not test their products on animals, nor commission third parties to do so.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Review: Clarins Extra-Firming Day and Night Cream for Dry Skin

Clarins is not a brand I would ever have tried. I remember seeing my mother use it when I was very young, and I have seen it in Myer, but never really thought to try it. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to try their extra-firming day and night creams recently. I only have a few expression lines on my forehead, but I'm a believer that it's never too early for anti-aging products!

As you know, I have dry, sensitive skin. On first glance I noticed both products were quite fragranced – not in a bad way, though. They smell divine. They are also quite rich, meaning you only need the smallest amount of product (more bang for your buck!) and it smooths out quite nicely. The day cream takes a minute or two to sink in, but then becomes an excellent base for makeup. I find it doesn’t irritate my skin, or make it cry either. The night cream is just as rich, if not richer – it does take a little longer to sink in and (as I found out the hard way) if you use too much it will leave an oily stain on your pillow. Whoops! With this product less is definitely more.

I have been quite impressed with these creams, they provide excellent hydration now that winter is upon us, and my skin has never felt like it needed any extra. I have not been using a serum since starting to use these, as my skin simply doesn’t need it. WIN! I’m not sure how they’d go in summer, they may be a little rich for my skin for summer, but definitely get my thumbs up in winter!

As for the extra-firming properties, as I said, I don't really have anything that needs firming. However, I have noticed my skin looks more vibrant in the morning, and I look less tired. Definitely impressed! The only downside of these products is the packaging. Glass jars and bathrooms don't mix well, and make them difficult to travel with.

You can find these at for $81.70 each

Animal testing stance: Clarins do not test their products on animals, nor commission third parties to do so.

Note: these were provided for review by, all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What's in my shower caddy?

I thought it was time I discussed some things that often never make it on to my blog, simply because I don't have much to say about it or simply forget. So today I took a happy snap of my shower caddy to share with you all what I use on a daily or almost daily basis...

Naked Colour shampoo and conditioner - I actually picked these up at the Beauty Heaven Beautorium. They're free of SLS, parabens etc, and supposedly prolong colour and protect it from the elements. Meh. I'm not overly fussed on these. The shampoo feels as if it strips my hair, and the conditioner doesn't add enough moisture.

Nation Gentle Foaming Facial cleanser - I received this for my birthday from a friend, and I'm quite enjoying it. It doesn't strip my skin, nor make it feel gross and sensitive. I still prefer my Weleda almond facial cleanser, but this one is great too.

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Mask - another beautorium item. I do like it, it is quite moisturising for my hair, but I won't be repurchasing as it's pretty pricey (think $45-$50)

Herbal Essences Drama Clean Shampoo - this used to be a HG product, until I recently went animal friendly with ALL my products, and unfortunately Herbal Essences still test on animals :( 

The Body Shop Divine Calm Lavender Oil - I use this some mornings on a cloth to wash my face, as it's very soothing and gentle to my sensitive skin :)

Natio Facial Brush - I love this to use sometimes as an exfoliator :)

Dove soap - theres a little one stuck to a big one here. I like Dove soaps, but unfortunately I won't be repurchasing as they still test on bunnies :(

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub - gosh I love this stuff. Smells AMAZING and is such a good scrub. Plus, bunny friendly company. WIN!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Something wonderful for sensitive skin....

As you know I've recently been giving my sensitive skin the attention it deserves. As part of this, I've been making sure I take care of it not only with product, but also with what I use to clean and dry it.

Enter the bamboo face cloth.

Okay, let's be honest. Technically it's a dish cloth. I picked it up at a local market after Sabine from Echolife suggested using this to dry my face after showers, cleansing etc, as it would be so much softer than my regular towel. And oh my gosh, it's amazing. You know the saying "like a baby's bottom"? Well this is softer. I want everything in my world to be made of this. It is so gentle on my skin, soaks up all the water but doesn't make my skin cry after using it. Best bit is I just throw it in the wash every few days, and once again my skin loves me.

I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin issues. You will not regret it!

I picked mine up from a local market, however you can find them online, in health food shops or even some beauty salons, for around $10.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bargain beauty buys... part 2

Apologies for my absence lately, things have been a little hectic!

So, now I'm here to give you a few ideas on some more bargain beauty buys for those on a tight budget (like me!).


Brand image

This little baby is such a wonderful, creamy concealer that is perfect for not only covering blemishes but also for covering those nasty dark circles. I rub a little on my finger then apply to my face, and it blends so well and lasts all day! Perfect!
Best bit? RRP $9.45 from pharmacies, Priceline, Big W and Kmart 

Brand image

What I love about these is that they come in a variety of shades, are moisturising and are perfect for work. I also find the lasting power pretty good when teamed with liner. I love nude satin, it's my go-to nude!
RRP $9.45 from pharmacies, Priceline, Big W and Kmart 


I blogged about this here. This is my go-to finishing powder, it sets beautifully and is perfect for all types of foundation or even BB cream.
RRP $12.95 from pharmacies, Priceline, Big W and Kmart

Do you love bargain makeup?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

FFS Friday

Last Friday I travelled to Sydney to visit friends. Neither friend's baby wanted to have anything to do with me. FFS

Saturday I had to pick up BFF boyfriend from the airport. His plane was late. FFS

There was also a 6 car pileup on the M5. FFS

I was stuck in traffic for 30 minutes, not moving. FFS

We went to IKEA where I promptly got lost. FFS.

We had to pick up an armchair for a friend, and pay separately. FFS.

It took 7 minutes at the register to complete my sale. FFS.

We then got stuck in another M5 traffic jam. FFS.

I had to pick up a new TV from Mt Druitt, it wouldn't stand up in the back of the ute. FFS.

David had to rearrange it at the petrol station while I filled the gas tank. FFS

I forgot to put the lid on the gas tank and drove off. FFS

I realised 1 hour later. FFS

There was another traffic jam on the way home. FFS

We were 3 hours late getting home. FFS

On Monday I had an assessment due. FFS

I finished it Sunday night. FFS

My computer had a hissy fit on Wednesday. FFS

I had to take it to the repair shop. FFS

They informed me Windows needs to be reinstalled. FFS

This means all my programs are gone. FFS

I don't own copies of my programs. FFS

I had to finish this blog on my phone due to having no computer. FFS

Let me know how your week has been!!!

Friday, 4 May 2012

FFS Friday

If you've never heard of FFS Friday, it's bascially a collective whinge about your week. I believe it was started over at Dear Baby G. Anyway. Here goes.

Dad had to have a heart operation on Friday. FFS

Turns out he couldn't get done what they needed to get done. So they poked and prodded for no reason. FFS

He was told to take it easy for 10 days. FFS.

Monday he was at work lifting tyres. FFS.

I have 2 assignments due on Monday. FFS

I have one due to following Monday that I haven't started. FFS

it's 1pm and I haven't even looked at it. FFS.

I had to house sit last weekend. The cat and dog shit inside. FFS.

I haven't had time to exercise this week. FFS.

I'm on a beauty ban and Cherry Culture have 40% off NYX. FFS.

I'm also broke. FFS.

I have to go to Sydney next weekend and pick up BFF boyfriend. We don't talk much. FFS.

That means 3 hours of awkward conversation while he begs to drive. FFS.

He drives like a hoon. FFS.

I own a Getz. Those two don't go well together. FFS.

Dad has to eat a low cholesterol diet from now on. FFS.

Today he had a pie for lunch. FFS.

Scruffy won't stop barking at the mailman. FFS.

Or peeing on the curtains. FFS.

I have to buy special stuff to make him stop. FFS.

It's $30. FFS.

I'm so stressed I'm giving myself headaches. FFS.

Now I'm going to read everyone else's FFS Friday's and be glad I don't have a mother in law.

Review: Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream

As we continue on from previous posts regarding me getting my skin back in line... I bring you my new moisturiser.

Photo from echolife, because I'm a retard and deleted mine then disposed of the package. Facepalm.

At first I was a bit iffy on this moisturiser. It is quite thick compared to previous ones I have used, however it definitely grew on me. The thick formula sinks in quite well and is super easy to apply makeup over, and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. It's helped to keep dry skin at bay, as well as redness, in conjunction with my cleanser. In addition, it has a very neutral smell which is quite nice and doesn't linger.

The packaging is small (30mL) but you only need a really small amount (think pea size) for your whole face. In addition the packaging is a metal-type tube, so i can squeeze it flat as I use the product and there's no waste! This little tube lasted me a bit over a month, probably 5 weeks, which really impressed me as well.

As with most Weleda products, it's paraben free, fragrance free, organic, not tested on animals and very suitable for sensitive skin. Hurrah!

You can pick this up from Echolife for $25.90. Which you should.

Note: This product was provided by Echolife. I am under no obligation to review this product.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What's in my bin? April 2012

And another month ends. Blah. Where did January, February, March and April go? Anyone?

This month....

Sensodyne toothpaste - I've discussed this before. HG.
Maybelline The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara - gosh I love this. It's amazeballs. I have 4 other mascaras to finish but when I do, I'll be repurchasing this one.
Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Shampoo and Conditioner - read my review here
Listerine Whitening Pre-brush Rinse - EW. It didn't whiten my teeth, nor did it really do anything. Won't repurchase.
Radox Smoothie Body Wash - this smelled yummy but you needed alot to get clean and it had these annoying kiwi seeds in it that didn't do anything apart from get stuck in my loofah. Wouldn't repurchase.
The Body Shop Body Butter Duo in Sweet Pea - I spoke about these last month. Great for winter.
Garnier BB cream - love this. Read my review here
Weleda Almond Skin cleanser - Love it. Will be repurchasing after I finish my current cleanser. Read my review here
Herome Nail Hardener - nearly at the end and it went gluggy. Love it though. Read my review here

So that's lots of prods in P20P, I must say I finished most before I started, so only the body butter, cleanser and hand cream count. But still, good month :)


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